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NLA Winegard RV-RZ50 Rayzar Indoor HDTV Antenna

NLA Winegard RV-RZ50 Rayzar Indoor HDTV Antenna

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Broadcast TV Antenna; Rayzar (R); Portable Window Mount; Receives HDTV Signals; Non-Amplified; Translucent White; With Antenna/ Quick-Release Suction Cup Clips/ Cable

Revolutionary ultra thin, portable HDTV antennas. Changing the way you receive free local broadcast TV!

  • Smart Technology Compatible: Disc
  • Type: Portable Window Mount
  • Direction Type: Multi-Directional
  • VHF Band Frequency: Disc
  • UHF Band Frequency: Disc
  • With UHF Enhancer: No
  • Impedance: Disc
  • Power Source: Disc
  • Diameter: Disc
  • Height: Disc
  • Color: White
  • Housing Material: Disc
  • Weatherproof Housing: Disc
  • With On/Off Power Supply: Disc
  • With Cables: Yes
  • With Mounting Hardware: Yes
  • Designed For The Mobile Lifestyle, Pop-Up Campers, RVs, Tailgating, Trucking And More!
  • Extra Long Coax Cable Allows For Optimal Placement For Maximum Signal Reception
  • Quick-Release Suction Cup Clips Make Adjustments A Breeze When Traveling
  • No Assembly Required - Just Connect, Find Optimal Antenna Placement, Run A Scan And Watch TV!
  • Permanent Installation Not Required, No Roof Space Necessary
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