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We Boost Cell Signal Booster Connect 4G for Home or Building

We Boost Cell Signal Booster Connect 4G for Home or Building

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Whole Home Coverage

The Connect 4G cellular signal booster is an effective solution to all those times you've had to walk into another room, or even outside, to find a stronger, more reliable cell signal. Installation is simple and can be completed with minimal tools.

Features: Works with all carriers, Boosts voice and data speeds including 4G LTE, Amplifies the signal indoors--whole home coverage, Works with all cellular devices, Extends the battery life of your cell phone by 3 hours of additional talk time, Boosts signal for multiple cellular devices simultaneously.

Cellular Phone Signal Booster; Use To Amplify The Cell Phone Signal In Your Home; Designed For Residential Usage; Compatible With All Cellular Enabled Devices( Smartphones/ Tablets ); Voice/ Text/ 4G Data; 65 decibels (dB) Maximum Gain; 700 MHz At Band 17/ 850 MHz At Band 5/ 1700 MHz At Band 4/ 1900 MHz At Band 2; Covers Up To 5000 Square Feet; 110/240 Volt AC/ 8 Watts/ 50/60 Hz; 6-1/2 Inch Height x 4-3/8 Inch Width x 1-3/8 Inch Length; With 4G Signal Amplifier/ Indoor Antenna/ Outdoor Antenna/ Power Supply/ 30 Foot Cable/ F-Female Connectors/ Mounting Hardware; Works With Cellular Service Provider AT & T Wireless/ Verizon Wireless/ T-Mobile And Sprint.

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