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Voyager Digital Wireless Observation System 4.3" Monitor

Voyager Digital Wireless Observation System 4.3" Monitor

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Rear back-up camera featuring WiSight® technology

Key features: Easy installation, fits most applications. System can support up to four wireless cameras and one wired Voyager camera. Auto pairing feature allows monitor to be paired with camera with the touch of a button.

Wireless monitor comes with suction cup mount and 12V DC plug. Wireless camera connects to rear lights or other 12V DC power source. Strong signal transmits through and around objects up to 60 feet away. Display graphic overlay shows real-time distance from objects while backing up.

WVOS43 single-camera system includes: 4.3" wireless LCD monitor, 1 wireless read camera, 12 volt accessory plug. Suction cup monitor mount; Non-corrosive camera mounting bracket; Stainless steel hardware.

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