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Dinosaur Time Delay Relay for Furnace or Refrigerator

Dinosaur Time Delay Relay for Furnace or Refrigerator

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Dinosaur replacement Time Delay Relay is for use in older furnaces that use a standard 12VDC ignitor board. The Time Delay Relay has a 4 second delay before applying power to the fan motor, and a 2 minute cool down period at the end of the heat cycle before removing power from the fan motor. A handy simulator used to determine if the Micro P-711 and all other Dometic® "black box" boards and their replacements are responding to thermistor changes. Plugs into the thermistor connector on the lower control board in back of the refrigerator.

Replacement For Older Furnaces That Use A Standard 12 Volt DC Igniter Board; Micro Controlled; 12 Volt DC; 1-1/2 Inch x 1-1/2 Inch

WARNING: Propane is an explosive gas! Furnace boards should be installed by trained service technicians.

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