NLA Thetford Aqua-Kem 8 oz Concentrated Liquid Non-Staining Holding Tank Deodorant, Pack of 6

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Waste Holding Tank Treatment; Aqua-Kem (R); Biological Treatment Used To Liquefy Waste And Break Down Tissue Fast To Prevent Clogging; With Formaldehyde; With Deodorant; Without Lubricant; 8 Ounce Bottles; 6 Treatments Per Package

100% Biodegradable. For use in all portable and recirculating heads, RV and Marine heads with waste holding tank systems. Powerful odor control and superior waste digestion.

  • Liquefies waste
  • Helps break down toilet tissue
  • Fast, effective action around the clock
  • Detergent additive keeps holding tank clean