Starbrite NosGUARD SG Mildew Odor Control Bag, Fast Release

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Contains one 10g pouch

1 10g pouch of NosGUARD SG mildew odor control bag with fast release system. Formulated to quickly control and eliminate mold and mildew odors and other foul smells. 

Fast Release Formula begins working immediately to eliminate foul odors caused by mold, mildew, pets, food, smoke and garbage. Each patented CLO2 Chlorine Dioxide generator pouch treats an area up to 1,000 Cubic Feet.

It is the fastest and most effective solution for dealing with smoke or damp, musty odors. Ideal for cars, RVs, and boat cabins. Professional strength NosGUARD is not a cover-up or a perfume fragrance of any kind. Chlorine dioxide gas destroys all odors, including perfume fragrances, and leaves behind a crisp, clean scent that will quickly dissipate with fresh air.