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Southwire Hardwire Surge Guard Remote Power Monitor

Southwire Hardwire Surge Guard Remote Power Monitor

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Power Transfer Switch Remote Display; With 50 Foot Cable

This display allows you to see more detailed information such as voltages for Line 1 and Line 2 (typically 110120VAC), current draws, and status/conditions of the Surge Guard Hardwire unit. Electrical faults such as low voltage or an open ground connection that cause the Surge Guard Hardwire to shut off power are shown on the remote display, allowing you to retrieve via the joystick a log of the fault conditions.

The Remote Display is a helpful diagnostic tool that allows you to comprehend and correct problems with your RV's power. The display also features an up/down navigation button/lever allowing navigation through various informational screens.

Features and information displayed includes the following:

• Main Screen: The Main Screen of the Display is used to show a continuous status of the RV’s electrical power. These include: incoming line voltages and currents (Amps) being used by the RV; reverse polarity state, which is a faulty shore power condition; delay state, which is a waiting state that the Surge Guard device goes into when it is powered up or when there is a fault with shore power. The display will revert back to the Main Screen by default if it is left in any other screen for more than 3 minutes.

• L1/L2 Volt and Current Screens: Displays Line 1/2 voltage or current. This allows you to view the voltage or current when there is a fault condition being displayed on the Main Screen.

• Faults Screen: Allows you to view a history of up to 50 faults which have been logged by the hardwire unit. Each fault that has been logged contains the fault, the voltages and currents at the time of the fault, and the time and date when it occurred.

• Joystick Lever: to navigate through screens and set the time and date.

*Not compatible with previous models that do not have a telecon jack.

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