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Airstream 6" Seelevel Model Sensor Pad, Short - 513362-01

Airstream 6" Seelevel Model Sensor Pad, Short - 513362-01

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Tank Monitor Pad for Holding Tank used on Airstream Trailers

Sensor pad for the any SeeLevel II Tank Monitor Model 709 system; The flexible, self-adhesive sensor board can be mounted to the outside of the holding tank (non-metal only).
  • Flexible self adhesive printed circuit board is mounted to the outside of holding tanks. The sender can be cut to length to match the height of the tank.
  • Provides more accurate level readings on tanks that are less than 7 inches in height. Works with any SeeLevel II Model 709 and 714 systems.
  • Works with all standard plastic RV holding tanks Not for use with metal holding tanks.
  • Measures tanks from 4-1/2" to 7" Tall; Sensor Board Length: 6"; Can be shortened in 1" segments down to 4".
  • Can read liquid levels through tanks up to 1/4" (6 mm)
  • Back is laminated with 3M 300LSE bonding adhesive.
  • Operating Temperature Range: +32° - +140° F.

See parts manuals for compatibility.

Compatibility: Airstream Interstate, Airstream Sport, Airstream Tommy Bahama

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