Winegard Standard 360 Omni Directional Over The Air Antenna - White or Black

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Broadcast TV Antenna

With a 360 degree signal reception for all VHF/UHF/FM frequencies (while parked), you have no hand cranking or aiming. The Winegard 360 Omni Directional Antenna is always ready for viewing. Mileage Range is up to 35 miles on average terrain. Dimensions are 18.8 x 18.5 x 9.5 inches. Available in black or white. Includes 20' of coax cable, an on/off power supply, and mounting brackets.

Broadcast TV Antenna; Air 360; Permanent Roof Mount; Omni-Directional; Receives VHF/ UHF HD Television Signals And AM/ FM Radio Signals; Amplified; White; With Mounting Hardware/ 20 Foot Coax Cable/ Interior Hardware And Power Supply

*Replaces Winegard RS-3000 shown below