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Peterson Sealed Clearance Marker Light - Amber or Red

Peterson Sealed Clearance Marker Light - Amber or Red

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Replacement for applications using 154 style bracket

Peterson Manufacturing sealed clearance marker light replacement for boats and utility trailers, trucks, and other applications using 154 style bracket.

Requires 154 style bracket for new installation. *Not included. 

Grounds through mounting screws,

Exceeds DOT specs. 

Dimensions: 3 11/16" x 1 1/4"

  • Functions as side marker or clearance light.
  • When mounted at a 45 degree angle, light may be used as combination clearance and side marker.
  • Lens is welded to housing to form single unit. Mounting bracket and electrical connector required.
  • Mounting screw serves as ground when mounted to metallic surface with single lead wire for electrical connection.
  • 154 series has male pins.
  • Features two 15,00-hour long life bulbs.
  • Kits include 154 light and gray mounting bracket with lead wire.
  • Bracket kits include lead wire molded into terminal pad and mounting screws. 
  • Available in amber or red.
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