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NLA Airstream Alde Glycol Fluid 32 oz, Dark Blue - 360371-100

NLA Airstream Alde Glycol Fluid 32 oz, Dark Blue - 360371-100

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Airstream Alde Glycol Fluid 32 oz, Dark Blue coolant for preventing corrosion in your Alde heating system. *If Light Blue Alde Glycol Fluid is needed order 360371-101C - CANNOT MIX FLUID     *Refer to your owners manual 

Water Heater Draining

Locate the drain valve on the Alde furnace/water heater located under the dinette seat. Before draining, switch off the fresh water pump and open all water taps to allow air to enter the hot water reservoir as water is emptied out. Open the drain valve by turning the lever. The water heater will drain directly below the trailer through the drain valve hose. If storing the trailer be sure to leave the valve in the open position until the next time the heater is used.

The hot water reservoir should be flushed if:

  • The boiler has not been used for some time. 
  • The boiler is in continuous use supplying hot water (the trailer is being used full time). In this case the hot water reservoir should be emptied once a month.
NOTE: Refer to the Alde Operating Instructions for further information on the water heater.
CAUTION: The water heater and its plumbing should always be drained of fresh water when there is a risk of freezing or when the trailer is not in use. The warranty does NOT cover frost damage.

WARNING: Never actuate the drain valve lever as long as the water heater is under pressure and/or is still warm.

Maintaining The Heating System

Regularly check the heating system fluid level in the expansion tank located, depending on the model, behind a removable panel in the bathroom cabinet above the toilet or behind a removable panel between the shower and sofa wall. The tank has markings on the side to indicate the maximum and minimum level for the fluid. The fluid level should be about .5 inches above the minimum indicator in a cold tank. Please refer to the Alde Owner’s Manual provide in your owners packet for further maintenance and winterization tips.

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