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Airstream Trempro 635 Vulkem Sealant, Gray - 360002

Airstream Trempro 635 Vulkem Sealant, Gray - 360002

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General Purpose Textured Polyurethane Sealant Trempro 635 - Grey. The modern version of Vulkem polyurethane sealant. Paintable. Slow drying (2 - 4 hours) for Airstream Panel work, also used on roofs of Airstream and cures to a flexible rubber.

Trempro 635 is a tough elastomeric, polyurethane sealant designed for a variety of uses within the transportation industry. It is especially effective in holding metal sheets in place against normal load vibration and air forces. The product has excellent adhesion to most substrates without the use of primer. Once cured, the products tenacious adhesion has the ability to be subjected to stress and vibration as well as expansion and contraction within a joint.

Trempro cures to a grey color making it perfect for use on Airstreams.
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