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CURT Sway Control Kit

CURT Sway Control Kit

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Kit & Additional Accessories

Helps limit lateral trailer movement to reduce sway.

This Sway Control Kit by CURT Manufacturing helps limit lateral trailer movement to reduce sway.  It fits most weight distribution hitches or a sway tab mount #45820.  The kit includes a weld-on sway tab that allows for use with most ball mounts. The spacer plate ensures proper alignment of trailer ball attachment.

It features an adjustment bolt to accommodate different load sizes and the on / off handle makes it easy to engage or disengage sway control as needed. Two sway control units are recommended for larger trailers. 

This kit is compatible with most A-frame trailers (some drilling required). Kit includes: sway control unit, trailer-mounted attachment ball & bolt, hitch-mounted attachment ball #40093, weld-on tab to adapt for left-hand use or for use without weight distribution hitch, mount reinforcement plate and attachment clips

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