Valterra 25' Slunky Sewer Hose Support - Black, Red or Grey

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Sewer Hose Support; Slunky (R); 25 Foot Length; 4-1/2 Inch Sewer End Height x 7-1/4 Inch RV End Height; Collapsible; Deep Cradles Eliminate Need for Support Straps; Black; Plastic; With Self-Fastening Strap For Storage/ Metal Hinges For Extra Strength/ Six Tie Down Straps

The authentic drain hose support since 1976, designed with the traveler in mind, allows the hose to be curved around any obstacle between R.V. outlet and ground inlet while maintaining proper elevation to prevent fluid backup. Compact, light, and easily stored. 
  • Deep pocket design provides enhanced stability
  • Metal hinges for extra strength and long life
  • Allows the hose to be curved around any obstacle while maintaining proper elevation for best drainage
  • Compact, light and easily stored
  • Self-fastening strap for easy storage Ridged bottom for gripping power
  • Tie down straps included