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Bussman 30 Amp Fuses, Pack of 5

Bussman 30 Amp Fuses, Pack of 5

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Fuse; Glass Tube; AGC; 30 Amp; Pack Of 5

Dimensions: 1/4" x 1-1/4"

Glass and ceramic tube fuses are often used to protect appliances and consumer electronics. As electronic equipment becomes smaller, the circuits and components become more delicate and easily damaged. Fuses are the preferred method of protection due to their accuracy, small size and reliability. Fuses are available in a wide variety of Ampere ratings to provide precise protection. Each is available in a variety of Volt and Ampere ratings.

There are two basic types of fuses available for appliances and consumer electronics: fast-acting or time-delay. Any replacement fuse must match the one it’s replacing. In general, fast-acting fuses are a single strand of wire or strip of metal. Time-delay fuses usually have a coiled wire, a thick element wrapped in wire, or a spring. 

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