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Airstream Solar Dome Vent Cap* - 921105

Airstream Solar Dome Vent Cap* - 921105

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Airstream Plastic Solar Dome Vent Replacement Cap - 921105

*For installation Airstream Foam Eurethane Insulation Tape for Solardome - 365009 is also required.

This mid 50’s and up Solar Dome Vent Replacement cap assembly is white plastic with an inner lining. Actual size is 15 ¼” x 15 ¼”, vent cut out measures 14” x 14”.

Compatibility: Used on Mid-1950's to Present Airstreams.

*Replacement for 101173 Ceiling Vent Metal Top, 101176 Solardome Ceiling Vent Cap, and 682120 Solardome Vent Cap which are no longer available.

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