Airstream AD68ABSLF Pop Rivet - 330034-100

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Airstream AD68ABSLF Pop Rivet - 330034-100 is used in various applications such as the Airstream LP Tank Cover Upper Mounting Bracket 454645. The solid rivets installed with a pneumatic gun at the factory to assemble the Airstream shell. Installation of buck rivets requires two-sided access. 

Different than a buck rivet, a POP (or blind) rivet requires the use of a special POP Rivet Handgun to install. Each blind rivet has three parts – a shell that's inserted into the hole, the rounded-flat head, and the mandrel (a long stem that's pulled by the POP rivet gun in order to collapse the rivet).


All Airstream rivet codes begin with AD to signify they are Aluminum (A) and Dimple (D).

The two numerical digits 68 identify the shell diameter (6 = 6/32") and the grip range (8 = 8/32")

Finally, the last three letters ABS identify the material used in the shell (the cylindrical part of the rivet that's inserted into the hole) and the stem (the mandrel that is pulled out to collapse the rivet). The B in this code tells us it's a blind rivet, and the A tells us the shell is aluminum, and the S tells us the mandrel is made of steel.

See parts manuals for compatibility.

Compatibility: Various applications in a variety of Airstream Trailers and Motorhomes.