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Leisure Company Low Profile Combination Pump, Polar White

Leisure Company Low Profile Combination Pump, Polar White

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Dual action hand pump.

The Leisure Components low profile two-way hand pump brings you a steady flow of water with just the touch of a finger. Made of molded ABS and chrome-plated brass. 

Offers the convenience of two water pumps in one fixture:

1) A full stroke of the handle up and down causes the fixture to function as a hand pump providing greater water flow with minimum effort.

2) To press the handle to the "down" position delivers "city" water.

There are two styles of the double action fixture: The Low Boy unit that is often used where clearance is a factor, such as in a folding trailer; and the Standard unit which is commonly used in most other RV´s where the height of the unit is not a factor.

Low Boy: 2-way combination hand pump and city water activator with clamp and swivel.

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