Leisure Time 14" x 14" Universal Air Conditioner Gasket Seal

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The universal air conditioner roof gasket package is perfect for replacement of a leaking, damaged roof seal. The roof gasket should be replaced each time the air conditioner is removed for service or repair.

Air Conditioner Installation Kit; Use To Stop Leaks And Damage To Roof Seal; Fits 14 Inch x 14 Inch Roof Top Air Conditioners; Single

This premium air conditioner seal is made from the highest quality closed cell foam designed to last twice as long as your air conditioner’s original seal. Fits all brands of roof top air conditioners with a 14 Inch X 14 Inch opening.

Compatibility: 14 Inch X 14 Inch Roof Top Air Conditioners


  • Premium Air Conditioner Seal Is Made From The Highest Quality Closed Cell Foam
  • Designed To Last Twice As Long As Your Air Conditioner’s Original Seal