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JR Products Gas Spring Lift Support Strut, 26" - 74 lb Force

JR Products Gas Spring Lift Support Strut, 26" - 74 lb Force

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26" length, 74 lb force

Replacement for GS-6687. Mounting brackets not included 

Combines all the proven reliability you've come to expect from an SPD Gas Spring along with the added feature of a nitride shaft. The GSNI Gas Spring incorporates a strong annealed steel rod with a Nitride coating for added corrosion resistance, especially when used with the all composite PS130 end fitting. This gas spring is an ideal choice where exceptional quality, combined with an overall black appearance, are important for your application.

If you already have a gas spring installed, selecting a replacement can be as simple as A-B-C.
A. Measure the extended length from center mounting hole to center mounting hole (see A in diagram).
B. Measure the amount of piston that is exposed while extended. This is called the stroke of the gas spring. (see C in diagram).
C. Find the extended length that is the closest to your current unit. Then use either the stroke measurement or subtract the stroke from extended and select the compressed sizes that are closest to your current spring.
(The measurements do not have to be exact but the closer you can match the original the easier it will be to install.)
SELECTING THE FORCE - If your current spring has a stamped label, the force should be listed within that number. Usually, the last two digits or followed by the letter N which is Newtons. One pound equals 4.4482 Newtons. This is the pounds of force being exerted to open or hold open the door or platform. It does not equal the weight of the item being lifted. Trial and error is not the best way to find that number.

Force: 74 lbs; Extended Length: 26.32"; Compressed Length: 15.82"; Stroke: 10.50"; Rod Diameter: 8mm; Tube Diameter: 18mm

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