Airstream 1/2" 60 PSI Pressure Relief Valve* - 811339

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Airstream 1/2" 60 PSI Pressure Relief Valve* - 811339 by WATTS Regulator was used in Airstream trailers in the vintage years.

Plain pressure relief valves can be installed in either the hot or cold water line. To avoid water damage or scalding due to valve operation, drain pipe must be connected to valve outlet and run to a safe place of disposal. It must be as short as possible and be the same size as the valve discharge connection throughout its entire length. Drain line must pitch downward from the valve and terminate at least 6" (152mm) above the floor drain where any discharge will be clearly visible. The drain line shall terminate plain, not threaded, with a material serviceable for temperatures of 250°F (121°C) or greater. No shut-off valve shall be installed between the relief valve and tank, or in the discharge pipe. This device is designed for emergency safety relief and shall not be used as an operating control. Repair or alteration of valve in any way is prohibited.

Pressure setting should be not less than 25-30 lbs. above the maximum service main pressure.