Airstream Tire Information & Maintenance

Airstream Tire Information & Maintenance

All tires have information on them stating the size, weight, date of manufacture, and tire pressure. 

Tire Information


ST This indicates special trailer tire. This tire should only be used on a trailer.
235 This is the measurement from sidewall to sidewall in millimeters.
85 This is the measurement of the height of the sidewall in millimeters. 
R This indicates radial tire construction.
16 This is the wheel diameter of the tire in inches. 


Maximum Load: The max load of this tire is 2830 lbs. with a max air pressure is 80 psi cold.

Keep in mind if you have been traveling for a while and check the tire pressure it will read higher than it did before the trip, this increase in pressure is normal as the temperature of the tire rises when traveling. 

 Tire Date of Manufacture

Date of Manufacture: The first two numbers indicate the week the tire was manufactured and the second two numbers indicate the year it was made. This tire was manufactured in the 24th week of 2017.

Tire Load Range

Load Range: The load range refers to the amount of plies (or internal layers) on a tire. Each letter of the alphabet equals two plies (or two internal layers). This one has an E which would be a 10 ply tire. Tire plies are layers in the tire’s inner section that are made of strong materials such as nylon, polyester, and steel. Plies improve the structural stability and strength of tires, allowing them to carry greater loads.

 Tire Speed Rating

Speed Rating: The speed rating of the tire is indicated by a letter of the alphabet. The letter N represents 87 miles per hour.

 Airstream Installed Trailer Tire Information 
Airstream replaced the Goodyear Marathon with the Goodyear Endurance beginning in January 2017.
Goodyear Marathon 15”  ST 225/75R 15 load range D 65 PSI
Goodyear Marathon 14”  ST 215/75R 14 load range C  50 PSI
Goodyear Endurance 14” ST 215/75R 14 load range D 65 PSI
Goodyear Endurance 15” ST 225/75R 15 load range E 80 PSI
Goodyear Endurance 16"  ST 235/80R16 load range E 80 PSI
Goodyear Assurance 15" ST 225/75R15 load range E 80 PSI
Michelin 16”  LTX M/S LT 225/75R 16 load range E 80 PSI

Maintenance and Care

It is very important that you inspect your tires before every trip for proper air pressure, uneven wear and dry rot.

Tire Pressure: There are many different types of pressure gauges available for checking your tire pressure. It is recommended to keep the tires inflated to the pressure indicated on the tire sticker located on the front roadside of the trailer. 

Tire Pressure

Tire Wear: Tire wear offers a lot of information about air pressure to wheel alignment issues. Below is a chart to show different types of tire wear and the reasons why. Airstream has used rubber torsion axles since 1961, these axels can be re-aligned. 

 Tire Wear Chart


Dry Rot: Dry rot happens when the sun's ultraviolet rays dry out the rubber of the tire. The tire will start to get small cracks in the sidewall.

Tire Dry Rot

Tire Care Products

Tire care products can be used to help slow down the dry rot process, there are many different brands available.  The use of tire covers aids in keeping the tires from being exposed to the elements.

Tire Care Products


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  • 303 Aerospace Protectant

    Versatile – Restores and maintains a like-new appearance on vinyl, plastic, synthetic and natural rubber, PVC, metal, gel coat, fiberglass, stainless steel, and more. Do not use on clear plastics, flooring, or unfinished leather.

    303 Aerospace Protectant 
  • ADCO Tire Covers

    The use of tire covers aids in keeping the tires from being exposed to the elements.

    ADCO Tire Covers 
  • Mequiar's Hot Shine™ High Gloss Tire Coating, 24 oz.

    Mequiar's Hot Shine™ High Gloss Tire Coating, 24 oz.

    Hot Shine's™ high gloss formula gives your tires a "wet-look" with a dark shine. By combining highly water-resistant polymers with antiozonant technology, Hot Shine keeps your tires looking blacker longer while preventing cracking, browning and premature aging.

    Mequiar's Hot Shine™ High Gloss Tire Coating 
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